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Concrete Maturity Method Kit
ASTM C-1074
Maturity method data acquisition system.
Complete kit, including (2) sensor assemblies, (4) thermowells and caps, USB Adapter, software.


Part No. 4600 (Appr. Shp Wt 6 lbs). Complete Kit.

Thermowell only, Qty:

Part No. 4610 (Appr. Shp Wt 2 lbs) Thermowell
Sensor Assembly only, Qty: $69.95

Part No. 4630 (Appr. Shp Wt 3 lbs)  Sensor Assembly.

Purchase additional sensor assemblies to run multiple channels concurrently.

The small sensor internally records time-stamped temperatures at user defined intervals. Simply plug the sensor assembly into a PC USB port and start the sensor to begin internal recording. When concrete is placed, insert the brass thermowell into the concrete to a specified depth, then insert the sensor assembly into the thermowell and cap the thermowell. At any concrete age, remove the sensor assembly from the thermowell and download timestamps and temperatures to a PC. (Or download readings on-site using a laptop). Internal sensor recording may then be stopped, or the sensor may be placed back into service. At the end of testing, the thermowell is abandoned and the sensor's internal recording is stopped. The sensor is retained for future testing. The sensor has an internal battery that is rated for 10 years.

All interaction of the sensor with a PC is done using the supplied software. The software also calculates the Time-Temperature Factor (TTF) and Equivelant Age at each temperature reading.

Additional sensor assemblies may be purchased, so there is no limit to the amount of locations that may be monitored at one time.  

No interfacing hardware is required to record or download temperature data, greatly reducing cost and risk of theft or failure of on-site equipment.  



Sensor: Computer chip enclosed in a 16 mm stainless steel canister
Memory Bits Type: 16, EEPROM
Sensor Identification: Unique & unalterable address laser etched onto the chip
Clock/Calendar/Timer: Built-in real time clock - synchronized with setup PC's system time
Clock/Timer Accuracy: +/- 2 minutes per month for 0 to 45o C
Thermometer Temp. Range: -55 to 100o C (-67 to 212o F)
Thermometer Accuracy: +/- 1o C for -30 to 70o C
Thermometer Resolution:

0.5o C

Data Acquisition: Thermal history log
Sensor Lifespan: 10 years or 1 million temperature measurements
Temp. Log Interval: User defined
Maximum Log Size: 2048 temperature readings
Mission: Start/Stop temp. logging by user
PC Data Download: Via 9-pin serial port (can be adapted to 25-pin serial or USB)
PC File Type: Files saved in Maturity Manager (.mmm) files. Data may be pasted to an Excel or other application.
Included in Maturity Manager Software: Serial port diagnostics tool
Project and mix design information
Time/Temperature sensor setup, downloading and communications
Maturity curve logging and automatic calculation of strength/TTF correlations
Graphical plotting of strength/TTF points
Field maturity logging - up to 10 single field locations per saved file
Professional, printable presentation report including curve and field data.
Easy to follow instructions
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